Day One: Thank God for His Unfailing Mercy

Alright, feel free to skip this day if you’ve got a perfect score on your 2020 report card so far.

If you’ve not coloured outside the lines at all, said an errant word in anger online/offline or failed to keep your word, then just keep walking past because today we are going to intentionally thank God for His unfailing mercy.

I don’t know about you but I sure haven’t dotted every ‘i’ or crossed every ‘t’ this year. Despite my best intentions, I’ve made some choices I’m not proud of and I’ve been inconsistent in some areas of my life but God always and consistently chooses to forgive me.

Prayer of thanksgiving:

Father, I acknowledge that where your wrath should have consumed me, your mercy has repeatedly spoken up for me. I am grateful for your unending mercy despite my errors and faults.

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