Day 4: Thank God for His Spoken Word

Have you listened to a sermon or read a familiar Bible passage this year and somehow it was the RIGHT word for that exact moment of your life? Maybe you even had a mini-freak out session wondering who told the Pastor about you 🙂

That, my friend, is the rhema word of God; God’s way of expressly communicating his mind/thoughts and intentions about your situation.

I personally love those moments and I am super grateful for them because they assure me that I serve a living God who cares enough about me to commune with me 🙂

Imagine the misery of serving a God that can only be contacted once a year through an elaborate festival/ritual. Imagine how rough and hopeless 2020 would have been if we didn’t have those moments of clarity from God through his personalised rhema word.

If you’ve experienced a ‘rhema’ moment this year, I’d love for you to drop the Bible verse in the comments and share with everyone so we can all be encouraged!

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank you for your rhema word throughout 2020. Thank you for caring enough about me and my circumstances to speak light and clarity into my darkness and confusion. Thank You for lighting my path with your Word so that my feet did not stumble.

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