Day 15: Thankful for Friends

We’re halfway through our 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Amazing! I think it’s fitting we mark this halfway point by expressing deep gratitude for our friends.

“A true friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need” Proverbs 17:17 TLB

Friends that stay on the phone with you for hours while you download your worries, frustrations and anger.

Friends that send you a text on the morning of an interview/exam and tell you ‘don’t worry, you’ve got this.’

Friends like Jonathan who are fiercely loyal and will go out of their way to protect you at their own cost.

Guess what, we’re also going to thank God for disloyal friends. Yes, those ones that hung you out to dry in 2020. Friends that cut you deep with their betrayal. We thank God for them because if they hadn’t walked away, you wouldn’t have known you deserved better.

Alright, here’s a message you can send to a friend who has been there for you in 2020 and beyond. “Hey friend! Thank you for having my back and for being a safe place for me! I truly appreciate your friendship, love and loyalty 🙂

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank You for the gift of friendship. Thank You for blessing me with loyal friends who have been present in my time of need.

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