Day 18: Thankful for Growth

I’m a year older today and although there are MANY things on my bucket list, I’m also incredibly aware of how far I have come.

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday To Me Gif

I could pray and ask God for more stuff but what’s the point? I’ve got clothes collecting dust in my wardrobe since Zoom took over our lives in April.

I think I’d rather spend today thanking God for how far I’ve come and also praying for more growth. I have been stretched in different ways this year and although it wasn’t always pleasant, I have found that my capacity, stamina and character have grown immensely.

So, as I enter my 30th year of life, I’m extremely pleased to say “I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be.”

To any one reading this, please be patient with yourself. Growth takes time. We are so eager to see the beautiful flowers and fruits on the tree that we forget that the tree must first sink its roots deep and be anchored before it can bear fruit.

Frustrating as this may sound right now, that process of developing solid and healthy roots is usually done in obscurity, in the backside of the desert, away from public praise and recognition. And that’s ok – it’s the growth that counts.

So, give it time. Don’t rush the process. God’s not done with you yet.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank you because although I am not where I want to be yet, at least, I am not where I used to be. Thank You because I’m on my way to becoming who You want me to be.

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