Day 21: Thankful for the Privilege of Prayer

Prayer is a powerful weapon and privilege given to us as Christians. God Himself assures us in Jeremiah 33:3, “call unto me and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things you have not known.”

The beauty of prayer is that you can call unto Him in the shower, while you’re doing your business in the toilet :), while you’re driving your children from one after school activity to the other and my personal favourite – while you’re doing the dishes. There is no protocol when it comes to prayer – all you need is sincerity and faith.

Prayer gives us access to the secret place of the Almighty. It is the channel through which we bring down the reality of Heaven into our everyday lives.

Cast your mind back to the many prayers you uttered under your breath in 2020 in the face of panic and alarm, the many ineloquent whispers of ‘oh God please help me’ and how He came to your rescue even without well drafted prayer points.

I love a good Netflix and chill session but nothing quite beats the privilege of unwinding and unloading my stress/frustration/worries/anger in the place of prayer. Prayer is my safe place where I know I can take the mask off and be real with God without fear of being graded or judged.

I’m thankful that no matter when I call, God’s line never rings busy. The network connection is always SHARP.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank You for the privilege of communing with you in prayer. Thank You because You are always available when I call and you delight in hearing my voice.

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