Day 25: Thankful for Unanswered Prayers

You might have clicked on this post wondering why in the world we would be thanking God for unanswered prayers. Unfortunately, years of imbalanced theology have led us to think that God HAS to give us everything we want. We tend to forget that every ‘no’ from God is a ‘yes’ to a bigger and more wholesome purpose for our lives.

We’ve all been ‘disappointed’ one way or the other this year. We’ve all wanted a range of (good) things that just didn’t materialise. Many items sit in our prayer journals gathering dust as we wait for that seemingly elusive answer from God.

Rather than sulk and shake our fist at God, I want you to see every disappointment/unanswered prayer as a blessing in disguise. As a parent, I regularly have to say ‘no’ to my child for his own good and welfare.

I have to say ‘no’ to Sonic the Hedgehog binge watching so we can say a big ‘YES’ to preserving his attention span (he’ll thank me in a few years, I hope 🙂 ). I’m not surprised when he kicks off at my ‘nos’ because I know he doesn’t get it but I know that I’m protecting him and have his best interest at heart.

Imagine if you got everything you’ve ever prayed for. Just imagine. Where would you be now? What kind of person would you be?

By all means, keep praying, keep putting together your prayer list, but remember this: a ‘no’ from God is also a GOOD answer.

Let your thanksgiving today come from a place of faith and absolute trust in God’s good intentions towards you.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank You because although I didn’t get everything I WANTED this year, I got everything I NEEDED. I believe that every ‘NO’ from You is a resounding ‘YES’ to bigger and greater purposes You have in store for me.

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