Day 26: Thankful for Challenges

If Goliath hadn’t come out roaring and spitting out threats, David might have been confined to the backside of history as a good shepherd boy.

If Nebuchadnezzar hadn’t issued his threats, we wouldn’t have discovered the dangerous boldness hiding inside the scrawny teenage bodies of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

If Moses hadn’t been forced to become a fugitive and abandon his comfortable life in Egypt, he probably wouldn’t have had that glorious and mystifying experience at the burning bush.

Challenges are not fun; in fact, if there was a magic pill we could take that’ll transport us to life on Utopia, I bet a lot of us would invest our life savings. But the uncomfortable truth is that challenges have a way of unearthing amazing potentials in us that would have otherwise laid dormant.

I can testify that frightful as Goliath’s hideous roar and imposing stature were in 2020, they actually shook loose in me hidden strength and boldness I didn’t think I had.

Challenges have a funny way of waking you up to who you really are.

So, thank You Lord for the Goliaths and Nebuchadnezzars that shook us awake from complacency and conformity in 2020.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father thank You for using the threats of Goliath to stir up my faith and unearth purpose in me.

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