Day 8: Thank God for Healing

Recently, I was having a chat with an elderly neighbour in my area and during the conversation, I asked him if he had any prayer requests. Without warning, he burst into tears. Here was I, a twenty-something-year-old girl struck by the vulnerability of this elderly man who used to be a fit police offer working … Continue reading Day 8: Thank God for Healing

The Long Walk to Freedom

20.10.2020. The day Nigerians at home and abroad watched helplessly as the blood of its youths was shed by the government supposed to protect them. The day the rickety, ineffective government officially crossed the line from incompetence to shameless brutality. The day they thought they had managed to snuff life out of the New Nigeria … Continue reading The Long Walk to Freedom

Put your yam down and ask questions.

One of my all-time favourite poems is Niyi Osundare’s ‘Not my Business.’ I know poetry can appear dry and extremely abstract but I think this piece by Osundare is an exception. Have a read: They picked Akanni up one morningBeat him soft like clayAnd stuffed him down the bellyOf a waiting jeep.What business of mine … Continue reading Put your yam down and ask questions.