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I’m Dammy, hopeless jack of all trade and an aspiring master of a few 🙂

I’m not selling anything, well apart from (d r u m r o l l…) hope!

We all know life ain’t always a pretty picture and we can get so good at editing and filtering out the painful and harsh realities of life. But I believe that truth is a potent catalyst for change and healing.

So here’s my rationale in a nutshell: “and you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free” (John 8:32 AMPC).

One destructive way we try to paper over the fissures in the ever volatile tectonic plates of life is by believing outrightly wrong or chronically deficient things about God, ourselves and people around us. I say deficient because when the hard times come, you find out that your beliefs are actually misinformed, insipid and myopic. ***WARNING: I’M GOOD FRIENDS WITH MY THESAURUS ***

Hope is not found by lying to ourselves; in fact, you might just as well tie your life to a paper kite. I submit to you that true hope is unearthed when we confront the mess/confusion/pain/fear and actively trade the lies that have underpinned these strongholds for God’s truth.

P.S. I hope to challenge you, not nanny you – let’s get that straight 🙂

With Unvarnished Love,