30 Days of Thanksgiving

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Day 30: Thankful for the Future


See what you just did there? You made it to the end of November! 30 solid days of breathing, moving, sleeping, waking and most importantly, praising!

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Day 29: Thankful for Rest

Rest. Hard to come by at times in our hyper-connected, tech-driven and ‘Zoomed-out’ world. Every one is on a race to arrive somewhere, be somebody and achieve something of worth. But we get out of balance when we forget that God hardwired ambition AND rest into the human race. Even God, the ultimate go-getter and … Continue reading Day 29: Thankful for Rest

Day 27: Thankful for Family

Family. Such a loaded word. For some, it stirs up images of light-hearted jesting, love and harmony. For others, it conjures up nightmares of abuse, misery and fear. Family. One of the very few things about our lives that we don’t get a say in but have to live with. Although being part of a … Continue reading Day 27: Thankful for Family

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