Day 16: Thankful for Simple Pleasures

A funny meme

Laughing with your partner/friends

A good book

24 hour power supply (if you have it) – trust me, this ain’t a simple pleasure for billions across the world.

A very funny Trevor Noah clip 🙂

A walk in the park

The subtle tones of yellow and orange on autumn’s leaves

A nice cup of tea/coffee

A beautiful journal

Playing an instrument

A fully stocked fridge

As you start this new working week, I encourage you to pause and thank God for the MANY simple pleasures littered around you that you tend to take for granted. Think of these simple pleasures as the oil that keep the wheel of life greased and in motion. Life is hard. Now imagine we didn’t have these five minutes where we can come up for air and exhale…

Thank you Jesus!

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, thank You for the simple moments/things that have brought me great joy and much needed relief in 2020.

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